15 Sep

I have gotten a happy go lucky opportunity to be hired by my neighbouring landlord, through my mure friends, affection and mediatorial. Landlord wanted me to teach his young under graduate son the modern subjects of science education at the parlour of their bunnglow. As being partially disabled I found it golden opportunity as under this excuse I would be able to earn two times meal for myself. I went with my broken wing and a white turban on my head that was decorated with the feathers of dove and owl rarher with the feathers of peacock,eagle and burrow duck red stuff. The young son of landlord then was in the company of many nincompoops  bubbloo and baboo, guddo and pupoo. Man is known from the company he keeps.  Young boy was inadvertently and perfuntorily involved in the tendency of dilly dally exhibitionist activities with his agemates. Landlord while watching in the light of his retrospection and introspection decided to keep in pari passu a religious ecclesiastical to shuffle off his son , to see the back off or abandon his son from said company of incorrigible loafers who never accomplished anything righteousness. Entry of missionary for religious tuition along with his name had a long tail of degrees, declared that this worldly life is heap of garbage and filth and its aspirants will enter in inferno on the day of judgement. With this proclaimation young  son renounced sciense education altogather with his past activities. On my entreat to the land lord and his son, it is good to give up the play boy activities, but getting science education is not sinful. Missionary became offended and did my ignominy. Landlord agreed with missionary and I came out publicly dishonoured. With that response the standpoint of pure sufies, “each one teach one” could not be useable there for further. Knowledge is sine qua non of pure mysticism. What Bulleh Shah said “When I acquired the knowledge of love, I saw my Beloved wherever I looked. But whoever finds Him becomes brightly illuminated.” Here is no more place of mystic contemplations of saints Rumi and Sachal, Budha and Satayagharh of Ghandi. (Aijaz Jamali)


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