True pari passu untrue.

20 Sep

The world we live in, has changed a great deal. History shows the past was not that wonderful. People had to do without mdern medicine, the childbirth was highly risky for women of even privileged minority. Mamtaz Mahal, beloved wife of great Mughal Emperor Shahjehan, died on 17 June,

1631 due to infection during childbirth of her fourteenth child. It was a devastating blow for the king who fell seriously ill as a result of deep grief of her wife. He erected splended costly, at the cost of public exchequer, a tomb not temple Taj Mahal. A memorial consisting of a structure, a monument commemorating a king‘s dead wife. The project took 22 yearsand cost $18 million to complete due to the excessive ostenatious and self-centred approach. There was a great famine in India in 1630-1631 record indicate. In 1636 Sep 8, Harvard College, the first college in America, was founded as Cambridge College. It changed its name two years later in honor of the Reverend John Harvard, who gave the institution three hundred books and a large sum of money for the day.Gustavus Adolphus (1594–1632) has been considered one of the most successful Swedish kings was contemporary of Mughal king Shahjahan. During the 17th century, Sweden went from being a small, poor, and peripheral northern European kingdom of little influence to one of the major powers in continental politics. Between 1611 and 1718 it was the most dominant power in Baltic. This rise to prominence in international affairs was made possible by a succession of able monarchs and the establishment of a powerful centralized government, supporting a highly efficient military organization. Gustavus left Swedes a self-confident people, who, from their secure and increasingly prosperous nation-state, turned away from militarism in the eighteenth century, to emerge as one of the most philanthropic, peace-affirming people in the world. As a modern day supporter of the peace keeping activities of the United Nations and a major donor in the fields of aid and development, Sweden is committed to achieving an equitable and just world for all people. Gustavus Adolphus laid a solid foundation for Sweden’s economy to flourish within safe and secure borders, from which Swedes looked out at a wider world, increasingly aware that humanity has a shared responsibility towards the welfare of all who live on the planet.The last Mughal emperor caught by local and english soldiers from the tomb of his great grand father Humayun, no one came for his rescue,no rally no protest. This is the outcome of lack of contribution to the welfare of others. We all are in love with someone who has left us, we want to pay our respects to those people who have raised us, cared for us. Something such as a monument or holiday, intended to celebrate or honor the memory of such persons or an event. Trophies and Awards for any occasion, including Military Awards, Military Plaques, Sports Plaques and Trophies, Memorial Plaques Awards are given in the name of such persons. But unfortunately sometimes sentimental among us forget about the real way to pay our respect and tribute that suit their individuality. A major part of horse racing’s economic importance lies in the gambling associated with it, an activity that generates a world-wide market worth around billions. Horse races are held in Pakistan at four different Lahore, Rawalpindi, at Karachi Race Club and in Gujrat. It is said the trophy of final horse race tournament is given in the name of father of nation. Recently held boxing tournament in Islamabad that was Benazir Bhutto memorial boxing tournament. Somtimes a prisoner’s base game (in local kabdi) tournament is arranged in the memory of a great saint or personality. A disfeatured gate is consructed in almost every town or city, in the memory of late gentlemen, the gates look like a cemented gallows.The Lady Byng Memorial Trophy, formerly known as the Lady Byng Trophy, is presented each year to the National Hockey League “player. Lady Byng, who was an avid hockey fan. M.A. Jinnah, Z.A. Bhutto and Benazir Bhutto were the brilliant leaders. It does not suit the man who matters to organise memorials under such heads in the memory of brilliant leaders. A university or library of international standard may be opened as Benazir Bhutto Memmorial International university or library. by: Aijaz Jamali


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