What does Sarmad think?

21 Sep

Wha doest Sarmad think?  Our great poet Shaikh Ayaz wrote a poem on the thinking of Sarmad: Mullah along with his turban thinks in posingly and baffling manner about what does Sarmad think? how he  courageously faced the blown storms? It was the question of each inquistive mind asked. When contrary to the Tamuria traditions the rightful heir of the throne, the successor of  Mughal emperor after Shah Jahan would have to be his eldest son, that was Dara Shikoh. Instead of rigtful heir,  Aurangzeb had usurped the throne even when Shah Jahan was still alive. Aurangzeb was a puritan religious minded person, he used to sew the caps and spend that income as his peronal livelihood. It is said that  Aurangzeb neither postponed the exact timing of prayers per chance nor he left any of his  brothers alive. Ultimately in rash to put on the throne Aurangzeb imprisoned his father, the emperor of time. Unlike his brother Aurangzeb Dara Shikoh was a man of immense learning and scholarship, and his inclination towards Sufism and negation of rigid fundamentalism. He wrote a book containing biographies of Sufi saints. In one of his writtings Dara Shikoh traced comparatives between Islamic Sufism and Hindu Vedantism. He found the only differences of verbosity in the ways of comprehension of the truth. His writtings many years later published in French greatly  impressed European thinkers like Schopenhauer. Schopenhauer’ s philosophy has had a special attraction for those who wonder about life’s meaning, along with those engaged in music, literature, and the visual arts. Subsequently Nietzsche thoroughly studied the works of Arthur Schopenhauer. Among the most noteworthy distinguished Sufi poet that Dara Shikoh was attracted to was Sarmad, a truly remarkable man who was beheaded by Aurangzeb. Sarmad was an Armenian merchant cum poet who came to India in the reign of the Emperor Shah Jehan. In one of his journeys towards Thatta, he fell so passionately in love with a Hindu girl that he became distracted and would wander naked. He was put to death on account of his disobeying the orders of that emperor, who had commanded him not to go about naked. Some say that the real cause of his execution was a stanza he composed.  Gorakh is the link of same chain. Without Gorakh, there could be no Kabir, no Nanak, no Dadu, no Farid, no Meera. Gorakh is defamed with bad occupation. It is the occupation of Hindu Vedantism. Shahdara, the satellite of Lahore city, is named after him. Thatta, Gorakhnath,Dadu and Shahdra of our country have played important role in mysticism in history, let this thinking prevail for tolerance and peace of our society. by: Aijaz


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