Stoning the Satan :

23 Dec

It is fictional story written by Amar Jalil under the subject head of “all untrue” and translated by me with outlines:.We the few friends of ruined village had come at airport to receive our villager Old Insurgent, Syed Ali Hyder Siddiui. Syed Ali Hyder Siddiqui was not poet or etc, “Insurgent” was not his pseudonym.He was called Old Insurgent by all of us due to his frenzy state. No one knew either he was Syed or Siddiqui. He advertently added a prefix and a suffix of two castes with his name. When asked he evaded, with his peculiar style was used to saying as : “I have my own will, I can keep my name Shaikh Hyder Ali Shah – I can also keep my name Mirza Hyder Ali Chandio”. Nowadays Old insurgent says something else in reply, “if a Zardari can be called Bhutto with his will, then why I cannot be called Syed Hyder Ali Siddiqui or Shaikh Hyder Ali Shah or Mirza Hyder Ali Chandio?” Old Insurgent is indigent like all of us. After the sufferance of hardships, we had given him the amount collected for the ticket and other expenditures for his pilgrimage. Some people gathered alms, some people received extortion, others amassed amount at gun point, long before the BAKRA EID, in lieu of of thousands goats’ sheep’s cows’ bulls’ even camels’ skin. Some youngsters snatched a particular number of purses and cell phones so that a reasonable amount be deposited and we can send Old Insurgent to pilgrimage (HAJJ). We had decided that the news about the source of amount not to reach to Old Insurgent, otherwise he will not be willing for performing pilgrimage (HAJJ).  When our old insurgent haji who had returned from pilgrimage was delayed from coming out of custom’s clearance booth, my friends of ruined village said to me that as I am the devotee of PIRs (PIRS of native or indigenous origin, not peer, earl and duke series of English status ). Being a house fly, I should go inside the airport to know the reason of our indigent old haji’s delay at customs. With the blessings of PIRs of Sindh and Multan I became the fly and reached at customs check post, Where our old insurgent haji was stopped due to importing a bag full of pebbles instead of valued items. One custom officer stridently said to Mr. Old Insurgent, “people have brought the bags of dates, clothes, watches, perfumes and you have brought the bag full of pebbles- despite you say, I am not mad. ” Old Insurgent replied, “All the obligatory requirments for pilgrimage were fulfilled by me except the last one, I thought there is no shortage of Satan and his followers in Pakistan. I will hurl these pebbles to such Satan there and will fulfill my last ritual of stoning the Satan there.” 


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