Mian Fakir.

27 Dec

Social scientists’ opinion about the history of the idea regarding the origin of God simultaneously goes back to the known history of man kind in this World. As according to their discussions, there were many gods in past and God knows better how many more gods will be made in future. Comparatively the life span, since inception, of humans on the planet earth is too short than the existence of living cell and animals on this World . Mysticism is similarly a wide subject, it is coming a long way along with the history of human beings. In the collection of religious mysticism, apart of prophets, the role of their subsequent true followers and saints is of paramount importance. Role of Muslims is though trifle but strong enough with the list of nomenclature like, Rumi. Saadi, Hafiz, Khayam, Lateef, Sachal, Farid, Sultan Bahu, Bhule Shah and so. In the famous song of “gorakh dhandha”, Gorakh is mentioned. Gorakh is related to the existing geography of Sindh Pakistan. Ghorakh Nath was a man having mystic occupation / profession. The name Gorakh hill station, an undeveloped resort place in district Dadu Sindh Pakistan and name Dadu itself, both to some extent, are connected with the ancient Hindu mythology. Gorakh, Anand and Rumi are among the first few links along with other saints of the same chain. In setting up new type of religious mysticism for peaceful co-existence of humans on earth. Participation of above said persons is of significant importance. Without Gorakh, Anand and Rumi there would be no existing shape of religious mysticism, no Kabir, no Nanak, no Dadu, no Vajid, no Farid, no Meera -without the share of Gorakh the picture of current religious mysticism would not have been that possible. Those were the people who kept basic root of all of them. Since then the temple has been built high. On this temple many golden spires have been raised, but the foundation stone is the significant. Though the golden spires may be seen from afar, they cannot be more important than the foundation stone. The foundation is not visible to anyone, but on this very stone stands the whole structure, all the walls, all the high peaks. The peaks are worshiped. People simply forget about the foundation. Gorakh has been similarly forgotten, mystic tradition – those innumerable devotees of love – is indebted to Rumi and Gorakh. Just as without Patanjali there would be no possibility of yoga in India; as without Buddha the foundation stone of meditation would be uprooted. Just as without Krishna the path of love would not find expression. Without Jesus the signs 0f mercy would not have that application in World and hereafter. Without Mohamad P.B.U.H. and Zoraster, the history of Oneness of Supreme Being would not have a complete picture. Had Hussain ibn=e-Ali not sacrificed his life along with the lives his companions in Kerbala on principles of democratic norms and commitment, no one would have given the resistence to the dictatorships later in the subsequent history of man kind. Without Rumi, Bulleh Shah, and Lateef the songs and dances for love and peace would not have that say – Without mother Terasa the concept of social welfare would be incomplete. They pushed open so many doors for going into man’s inner being, they created so many doors that people got caught in them. Hence we have one word that remains with us -people have forgotten Gorakh -but not the word Gorakhdhandha, this word for maze remains. He gave so many methods, that people were confused, which method is right, which is wrong, which to do, which to drop? Gorakh had a rare individuality, similar to initially by Einstein and presently by Stephen Hawking in present age. Einstein and Stephen Hawking gave such novel methods for investigating the truth of the universe, as no one before them had given for that understanding to a common people i.e. Special Theory of Relativity and Unified Theory of all sciences respectively. Yes, now they can be further developed, now a finer edge can be put on them. But Einstein and Stephen Hawking has done the work as road-map Those who follow will though be important. Now they cannot be first few. Many will come who improve this road: ones who build it up, ones who place the milestones, ones who beautify it and make it comfortable. Many people will come, but no one can take Einstein’s place and now Stephen Hawking. In the inner world the same situation exists with prophets and their true followers. But why have people forgotten prophets in true sense, forgotten the Gorakh, Aanand and Rumi and like so ? The milestones are remembered, the path breaker is forgotten. The ones who have decorated the path are remembered, the one who has first broken the path is forgotten. Forgotten because, those who come after have the leisure to dress it up. One who comes first, will be unpolished, unfinished. True followers were like the diamond just out of the mine. If Gorakh and Kabir are sitting together, you


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