Street urchins

30 Dec

This fictional story is written by Amar Jalil under the head of “all untrue” and to some extent few outlines are translated by me as: I reached little bit late in emergency session of PB party. That was my dereliction, whereas the delegation of PB party, led by their secretary general junior Chuttan, had come to give me the invitation for partcipation. I consented. Before going out Chuttan Junior said, ” grand pa! you are forgetful, you write on the wall of your room that you have to participate in the session of PB party on tomorrow evening at 5 hour sharp”. I assured junior Chuttan, “don’t worry, I will write on the wall of my room that I have to participate in the session of PB party on tomorrow evening at 5 hour sharp”. Writing on wall is my daily routine. While reaching close to 75th year of my age, I have become the forgetful. I forget many things. As said by friends and foes, I had kept a diary along with me. I had made different entries in diary, like what is my name, what was the name of my father, what was the name of my mother, where I live. what do I do. I had also written in the diary that I don’t put on the tie because I know how to knot my tie but don’t know how to untie the knot of my tie. By mischance once after placing diary at somewhere, I unlearned where I had kept the diary. I did not find that diary uptill today. Before that a new diary be purchased by me, someone advised me to write on the wall. He had also told me, “once again by placing at somewhere you might unlearn the new diary, but the wall remain unmoved”. Friends thinking that I might forget the address of my house, they hanged a card, with a beautiful ribbon on my neck band, with my home address typed and my photograph adhered on that. You will deem me, from my distant appearance with a card hanging with a beautiful ribbon in my neck band, as an employ of PIA or of any bank, television or newspapers’ firm. Few youths had once surrounded me. They had sarcastically said, “aged like you! are robbing our rights and as you are on the brink of death, despite that you are taking extensions repeatedly, are you not ashamed, you aged have stood as wall in the progression of youths, you are a stone in our way, why you don’t die”. Whenever you will come to my house then you will feel no need to ask from me that where is bathroom, kitchen, court-yard in my house. You will find all that written on the walls of my house. Where is my almirah, what is kept in almirah, in which corner of house is my coffer is buried. You will sight “Sajnee” is written on all walls of my house. Sajnee was my girl friend. She had left me for nothing else than one day I had said her Rajnee. Inter alia you will find to read different scipts, maxims, contexts written on the walls of my house. For example, oblivious of evening does not return to home in morning. Tell the truths so often that the truth be doubted as lie. Cats dream mouse. Much ado about gas. Be anchor person of T.V. say all. Talk on mobile phone for whole night and sleep for all day so that the fate of mobile phone companies’ remain awaken. Politics is the dengue mosquito, if it cuts once, fever would not over for whole life. If you are painter then you can be senator on the seats reserved for technocrats. Name of killed one is written on each and every bullet. If one is tasted by everyone why god keeps him. Smuggled goods are exempted from sales tax. Numbers of people who are martyred by one another in Pakistan has so increased than that of the number of nymphs given to them, has become short. Numerous such contexts are written on the wall of my house. By now you might have estimated how I am a specific forgetful enough but even extra than that. Proceeding of emergency session of Pakistan Bacha Party -PBP (street urchins association) will be told after a break.


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