Talking parrot

27 Dec

his fictional story is written by Amar Jaleel under the subject head “all untrue” and translated into  English by me: My old girl friend, while handing me over the rosary of fifty beads said, “go to Empress Market and fetch one kilogram of bringles, not to bring bitter vegetable (In Urdu kerraylay) instead”. I could understand the warning of my girl friend. Whenever she has sent me to take vegetable from market, I bring the bitter vegetable (kurraylay). After that day, whenever she has sent me to bring vegetable from market,  then first of all she hands over me a rosary of fifty beads and is said by her { go reading repeatedly, “bringles are taken, not bitter vegetable”}. On that day, giving me the rosary she said, [go reading repeatedly, “bringles are taken not bitter vegetable”}. I immediately said, “don’t worry I will bring bitter vegetable not bringles”. My girl friend beat her head, belabouring said, “Oh man! not bitter vegetable, bringles are brought, eating bitter vegetable again and again has made me bitter, my sweetness of inside has ended – not bitter vegetable, bringles are brought”. While shaking her hand I told, ” God willing! this time I will bring only bitter vegetable (kurraylay).  Not bitter vegetable –  Bringles, she cried, bringles! bringles! bringles. Confusedly I raced to go out, there came a voice from back, “listen”. I stopped girl friend said, ” go to Empress Market, do not to go Lee market – being martyred in old age will not suit you. I cannot afford even in the notion to see you in the agglutination of nymphs”. ” Don’t worry Romaana! despite being martyred  entry in Paradise will be banned for me the sinister”. I will be sent into inferno, where the hell cats will serve me the cutlets of carrion. As I stepped on the road my old girl friend peeping from window said, “do not go to Lee market, go to Empress Market and fetch one kilogram of bringles, not to bring bitter vegetable”. Reading repeatedly that “I have to bring bringles not bitter vegetable” –      “I have to bring bringles not bitter vegetable”. I reached at Empress Market, constructed to commemorate the crowning of Queen Victoria. There are four alleys to enter the Market. An extra ordinary multitude of people crowded at the alley where from I wanted to enter in the Market. Policemen were Spread there. In that part of market, the pet animals like rabbits, cats, squirrels, mongooses and interalia of dogs domestic birds like pigeons, partridges, starlings, ducks are available for sale. I had never seen before such a big crowd there. I was astonished to see the queues of big and shining vehicles besides the parking area. I slowly asked from the peddler of forged gemstones rings , “Are the rulers made up their minds to set up the assembly over here?” Peddler watching here and there said, “zardari sahib has come to purchase the mongoose”. I said, “what are you talking? Islamabad is the city of mongooses, what mongooses gone there dead ?” zardari sahib no more trusts on the mongooses of Islamabad, he wants to purchase the Sindhi mongoose. Said ring peddler. Ring peddler appeared dubious to me, later salesman of vegetable told me that peddler of rings was a man of C.I.D. He also told me inter alia of particular men of rulers, special advisers of the heads of different political parties have also arrived in these shining vehicles  Seat of senate has become vacant. Apart of rulers all parties need a parrot to set on senate seat. I was astonished. I asked from salesman of vegetables, “how do you come to know the stories of inside”. “I am also related with C.I.D.” Smilingly said vegetable salesman, I am inspector, ring peddler is my sub inspector . I bought one kilogram of bitter vegetable from salesman of vegetable, the C.I.D. inspector and alight up on the two hundred years old NEEM tree. Branches of that tree were scattered afar. One branch was spread up till the cages of pet animals and domestic birds, one owl was sitting on that branch watching the happenings engrossingly.  I got this owl flew from that branch of tree and sat on its place.  While sitting on a branch of, two hundred years old, Neem tree, I was staring what was happening down, where the parrots were being sold. Parrots were of different forms and traits. Few were bald and old, were gratuitously appearing statesman. But one trait was common in all, all were talking parrots. Among parrots, one parrot was prince of darkness and inelegant than all other parrots. It’s wings had fallen, it’s bill was black. It’s one eye was taken out and that’s why, that was looking barbery corsair of birds, price of that parrot was highest. Heed of all the Representative of political parties was concentrated towards the prince of darkness parrot. One rowdy  pygmy and obese representative of a political party asked to parrots’ salesman, “does this parrot has ever remained senator” ? “No”, salesman of parrots replied unbotheringly. Parrots’ salesman pontiffly said to the representatives, that this parrot has memorized the ballad of political history of Pakistan. Representatives asked to parrots’ salesman, “can this parrot communicate the stanza of ballad to us “. When parrots’ salesman gave four green chilies to eat to that parrot, after a bellow, it parroted, “one juggler leaves, other juggler comes, Deludes, all having tabor in one hand and clavecin in other hand. Gulp, gulp swallow all, keep on saying”. Representative of a political party purchased that inelegant parrot by giving the cheque of Suez bank.


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